Welcome to DinoDash™

In this whitepaper, the DinoDash team outlines their vision for DinoDash™, explaining what it is, why they are pursuing it, how it will work, and more.

This is a living document:

The content in this document is subject to change. The team commits to doing their best to communicate any changes through the Changelog page and social media announcements.

An evolving vision:

As innovators in the space, Dinodash begins by creating a racing game that is fun and incorporates Play2Earn (P2E) mechanics. However, the team recognizes that they will inevitably develop better and more structured ideas for the game over time. These changes will be reflected in this whitepaper and the changelog. It is important to remember that they are pioneers in the gaming NFT space, so flexibility and adaptation are necessities.

Thank You.

A note of gratitude from the hardworking Alphack Studios team. Without the support of their community, this dream would not be possible. The team thanks everyone for joining them on this journey and taking the time to read their whitepaper. This is going to be a fast-paced adventure with plenty of racing, so be prepared for some speed. For the readers' convenience, links to different document topics are available on the side of the page.

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