Challenges & Quests

Daily Login:

A daily login system is designed to encourage players to log in every day by offering rewards for consistent logins, such as exclusive items, skins, and levels. This system can increase the overall retention rate of the game, as players may be more likely to continue playing if they receive daily rewards for their playtime.

Daily Challenges:

As part of the daily login rewards, players will have access to daily quests, including a simple login quest that functions as a daily login reward. These quests offer additional tasks and opportunities to win various items.

Some daily challenge examples include:

  • Get top 3 in a race

  • Catch two seconds of "Airtime" on three separate occasions

  • Complete a practice trial in a specified amount of time

By providing players with various challenges and quests, DinoDash can encourage engagement and maintain player interest, ultimately promoting long-term involvement with the game.


Quests differ from challenges in several key aspects:

  1. Long-term goals: Unlike challenges, quests are designed to be achieved over a longer time period. For example, instead of winning just one race, a quest may require a player to win 30 races.

  2. Battle Pass integration: Quests can be effectively incorporated into the Battle Pass feature, allowing players to level up by earning experience points through quest completion.

  3. Customizable objectives: Players can choose and replace quests based on their preferences. For instance, a player can swap a "Win 5 games" quest for a "Get top 3 in 15 games" quest.

  4. Greater rewards: Quests can offer larger rewards, including exclusive items or skins. This can be utilized during special events or holidays to boost player engagement and excitement.

By incorporating quests into the DinoDash gaming experience, developers can keep players engaged and motivated to achieve long-term objectives while offering enticing rewards that promote continued gameplay.

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