Gem 1/1:


Commodus is the bravest and most prideful among the 1/1s, though these traits could also be perceived as aggression and egotism. He sees himself as the most superior of all dinosaurs and views the Gem Clan as the elite faction. He regards the other clans as weak, pitiful, and filthy. Commodus enjoys taunting and insulting the other clans to provoke reactions and is always eager to engage in a fight, frequently challenging the Nature 1/1.

Gem Clan:

The Gem Clan's personality reflects that of their leader, Commodus. They all believe they are the supreme clan and take great pride in their vibrant gemstone bodies. They look down upon dinosaurs composed of materials like wood and stone, considering them primitive and disgraceful.

Why do they want the Ultra Element?

Commodus has led his clan in pursuit of the Ultra Element because he believes it will grant them the power to ascend as gods. Moreover, he detests the thought of it falling into the hands of the other two clans. He asserts that the Gem Clan has a rightful claim to the Ultra Element based on their perceived superiority.

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