Phase 3

Launch Online Practice/Normal Race modes:

The official launch of the DinoDash game on desktop computers marks the first phase of public development and will include Polygon Blockchain integration. For more information, refer to the "Mode Overview" section in the Game info.

Introduce in-game items as NFTs:

Blockchain gaming has introduced a novel dynamic of ownership for in-game assets. By leveraging this mechanism, players can own weapons, cosmetics, and various other in-game items. For more information, consult the "In-Game Items and Upgrades/Evolution" sections.

Develop a Mobile version of DinoDash™:

The estimated value of the "Mobile gaming" market in 2022 is $20.3 billion. Blockchain games have yet to fully tap into this market, bringing a new dimension of ownership to gaming. The team aims to be at the forefront of this movement, using the mobile version as an opportunity to onboard more players into their ecosystem. Further information can be found in the "Mobile Gaming" section below.

Beta testing for Elite and Professional Mode:

Introducing the new Elite and Professional modes, both of which feature the implementation of Upgrades and Evolutions for vehicles and weapons. Additional details can be found in the Upgrades/Evolutions section and on the project's website.

Beta test Mobile version on both IOS/Android:

Public testing will be conducted for the Public Beta Mobile version, with the aim of addressing any bugs a few weeks prior to the game's full release on official app stores.

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