Roadmap is evolving and changing.

Phase 1:

  • Create high-quality art

  • Launch Promotional Campaign

  • Launch Website

  • Create engaging lore

Phase 2:

  • Publish DinoDash™ Whitepaper V.1

  • Publish Advertisement/Trailer Video

  • Launch Public Demo Beta

  • Acquire Partnerships with Established Entities

  • Mint DinoDash™ Racers NFT

Phase 3:

  • Launch Online Practice and Normal Race modes with Polygon Blockchain Integration

  • IDO of in-game token

  • Introduce new in-game items as NFTs

  • Develop Mobile version of DinoDash™ for both IOS/Android

  • Beta testing for Elite and Professional Mode Upgrades/Evolutions

  • Beta test Mobile version on both IOS/Android

Phase 4:

  • Release Elite and Professional game modes

  • Release of Mobile version with Blockchain Integration

  • Add more Game Maps/Tracks

  • Officially complete base game development

  • Add Global Leaderboard

  • Add Clan Leaderboards

  • 1v1 Game Mode

  • HoverCar Cosmetic Upgrades

  • Implementing Anti-Botting Mechanisms

Phase 5 and beyond:

We aren't done yet, more developments to be made...

  • Multi-chain

  • Introduce new consoles

  • New Racers

  • Game Expansions

  • New In-game items

  • New NFT Upgrades/Evolutions

  • Fun Events

  • More partnerships

  • Collaborative tracks

  • World Championships

Stay tuned Racers.

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