Battle Pass

NFT Utility: Free Special Version of the Battle Pass

DinoDash NFT holders are granted a unique benefit in the form of a free special version of the Battle Pass. This exclusive Battle Pass offers a tier-based reward system, allowing NFT holders to unlock various in-game rewards as they progress through the tiers by completing challenges and earning experience points.

Here are some advantages and features that come with the free special version of the Battle Pass for DinoDash NFT holders:

  1. Tier-Based Rewards: The Battle Pass consists of multiple tiers, each containing a range of in-game rewards such as skins, accessories, tokens, and more. As players progress through the tiers, they unlock these rewards, enhancing their in-game experience and personalizing their characters.

  2. Exclusive Content: The free special version of the Battle Pass offers exclusive content that is only available to DinoDash NFT holders. This includes unique skins, accessories, and other rewards that set NFT holders apart from other players in the game.

  3. Continuous Engagement: The Battle Pass encourages continuous engagement with the game, as players strive to complete challenges and earn experience points to unlock new rewards. This creates an ongoing sense of progression and achievement, keeping players invested in the game and motivated to keep playing.

  4. Complimentary Access: As a DinoDash NFT holder, you are entitled to receive the special version of the Battle Pass for free. This grants you access to all the exclusive content and rewards without having to purchase the pass separately, saving you money and adding value to your NFT ownership.

By offering a free special version of the Battle Pass as a key NFT utility, DinoDash rewards its dedicated players with an opportunity to unlock exclusive content, enhance their in-game experience, and enjoy a sense of progression and achievement. This not only adds value to NFT ownership but also fosters a stronger connection between the players and the game.

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