Phase 2

Publish DinoDash™ Whitepaper V.1:

The purpose of publishing this information-rich document is to provide guidance for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the team's methods and plans. While it may seem paradoxical to announce the release of the whitepaper within the whitepaper itself, such is the nature of life.

Publish Advertisement/Trailer Video:

This video aims to attract attention to the project by showcasing epic scenery, effectively featuring characters (Dinos), and incorporating elements of the immersive lore into a race-filled trailer.

Launch Public Demo Beta:

The demo will be launched prior to the minting process, aiming to demonstrate the concept and offer the community a glimpse of the game while also addressing any bugs in preparation for the full game release in Phase 3.

Acquire Partnerships with Established Entities:

DinoDash™ is open to forming partnerships with other projects, businesses, and entities. The team will implement various types of partnerships, ranging from featuring a partner's poster in one of their tracks to collaborating on cosmetic items like skins or even developing new race tracks based on partnered collections. Keep an eye out for updates on this aspect of the project.

Mint DinoDash™ Racers NFT:

Prepare for this significant event to acquire a DinoDash racer. The mint date will be announced well in advance of the actual minting process.

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