Dino Origins...

The moment the asteroid struck Earth, we believed our fate was sealed. An event of such magnitude surely meant extinction, with no chance of survival. However, as the remnants of the dinosaur era were buried beneath debris, our souls found a new form. They became intertwined with the precious gemstones and minerals - rubies, diamonds, and gold - that lay entombed with us.

This transformation granted us dinosaurs a second opportunity at life. Now, we continue to exist in seclusion on remote islands. Our lives may be simple, but we've discovered methods to keep ourselves amused, primarily through racing.

As it turns out, dinosaurs have an insatiable appetite for thrills. It's challenging to surpass the adrenaline rush experienced during a massive meteor impact, but we're determined to try. Each day, we race at breakneck speeds, on increasingly treacherous tracks, and in ever-expanding vehicles. The risk involved is undeniable, even for those of us composed of solid gold, but therein lies a significant part of the excitement.

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