Metal 1/1:


Aurelius is the most rational among the 1/1s and rarely engages in fights like the others. He prefers to remain silent, letting the other two argue while he focuses on his clan's interests. Despite his aesthetically pleasing metal body and the unique ability to liquefy and solidify at will, he despises its cold, unfeeling nature and misses his original reptilian form. His skill in combat stems from his remarkable ability to melt and freeze as needed.

Metal Clan:

The Metal Clan's primary objective is to regain their original bodies. From the very beginning, they have followed their leader with the sole purpose of becoming reptilian again. They do not harbor a strong rivalry with the Nature or Gem Clans. While the Nature and Gem Clans embrace their new forms, the Metal Clan yearns for the way things used to be.

Why do they want the Ultra Element?

Aurelius, the Metal 1/1, theorizes that the Ultra Element possesses the power to restore the Metal Clan's true forms. This secret mission drives them as they pursue the past, while the Nature and Gem Clans vie for superiority.

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