Phase 1

High-Quality Art:

DinoDash™ NFTs feature high-quality art that users can take pride in owning and even use as profile pictures. Displayed below is an example of a DinoDash Racers NFT.

Art 1/1's

This collection comprises eight unique 1/1 NFTs. Each of these NFTs is individually crafted, rather than generated through traits. They represent the rarest and most sought-after pieces in the entire collection. An example of one such 1/1 NFT can be found below.

Launch Promotional Campaign:

Internal marketing efforts will be undertaken to expand the community and establish a player base before the minting process. An assertive marketing campaign, encompassing partnerships, collaborations, NFT giveaways, and more, will serve to promote the project while concurrently fostering a strong community.

Launch Website:

The DinoDash™ website contains essential information, including utility plans, lore, social media links, the whitepaper, and much more.

Create Engaging Lore:

What would a video game be without a compelling narrative? At DinoDash™, the team is crafting an epic story to accompany their NFTs and integrate it into the game, resulting in a rich and enjoyable player experience. More in-depth lore can be found on the DinoDash™ website and whitepaper, and the team plans to expand the lore through future events.

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