Anti-Botting Measures

The DinoDash™ Team recognizes the potential issues that bots can create in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience, particularly when financial aspects are involved. Ensuring a level playing field for all players is a top priority.

As part of our ongoing commitment to combat botting, we are developing multiple anti-botting measures. The first proposed solution utilizes key gatekeeping mechanisms to validate two crucial aspects: verifying that the player is real and ensuring no third-party scripts or applications interfere with the game.

While this is just the first step in our anti-botting efforts, we understand that the battle against bot users is an ongoing process. We are dedicated to limiting the scalability of botting and addressing any instances as they arise.

Future solutions will encompass a broader range of methods, including analyzing player race data, input intervals, and other relevant information to identify and prevent bot activity as it emerges.

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