NFT Utility: Upgrades and Evolution

DinoDash NFTs not only serve as your in-game characters but also offer possibilities for upgrading and evolving your Dino racers. This feature allows you to enhance your NFT's capabilities, preparing them for increased speeds and higher-level races, such as Elite and Professional modes.

  1. Evolution: Initially, all minted DinoDash NFTs will be Basic NFTs. Players can evolve their NFTs into Evolved NFTs, which are required to compete in Elite and Professional races. The evolution process is designed to maintain a balanced in-game economy and sustain more expensive game modes. Evolution will become available 1-2 weeks before the release of Elite and Professional modes, so stay tuned for more information on this feature.

  2. Upgrades: Players can also upgrade their Dino racer's weapons, boosters, and shields to unlock their full potential in the game. Each of these items comes with base stats, which can be improved by applying upgrades. These upgrades will increase the item's stats and level them up, providing a competitive edge during races.

More details on the Upgrades system will be released later, but for now, here's a summary of the benefits of upgrading and evolving your DinoDash NFTs:

  • Increased Performance: Evolving and upgrading your NFTs will enhance their in-game capabilities, allowing them to perform better in races and compete in more advanced game modes.

  • Competitive Advantage: With improved stats and abilities, your Dino racers will have a competitive edge over other players, increasing your chances of winning races and earning rewards.

  • Greater Customization: Upgrading and evolving your NFTs adds a layer of customization to your in-game character, allowing you to create a Dino racer that suits your personal preferences and playstyle.

  • Engagement and Progression: The upgrade and evolution system encourages continuous engagement with the game, as players strive to enhance their NFTs and unlock new features and game modes.

By offering a robust upgrade and evolution system, DinoDash adds depth to NFT ownership and gameplay, rewarding players for their dedication and providing them with a more immersive and personalized gaming experience.

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