A cataclysmic meteor strikes the earth, causing the rapid extinction of dinosaurs as fire engulfs the sky and the oceans acidify. Miraculously, their souls endure, seeping into the earth and assimilating with their surroundings. From deep within the ground, they re-emerge with new bodies composed of metals, ores, gems, and various other resources. Some souls inhabit trees, while others reside in deposits of flawless diamonds. Regardless of their vessel, these resurrected dinosaurs are granted a second chance at life.

Almost immediately, an epic migration commences as the reborn dinosaurs journey towards the island where the meteor's crater lies. Perhaps this enigmatic site holds the key to understanding their resurrection? Guiding this monumental quest are three formidable heroes—one of stone and moss, one of dazzling black opal, and another of iridescent bismuth. They act as trailblazers, leading the dinosaurs towards their shared destiny.

Upon reaching the island, the explorers are astonished by their discovery. Deep within the crater, amidst the debris and scorched earth, a radiant, pulsating light emanates. This is the Ultra Element, a critical component of their story. Unknown to the dinosaurs, the Ultra Element possesses the power to restore them to their original organic forms. Although the significance of the Ultra Element eludes them, they sense the immense power it harbors.

Tensions rise as the three heroes, despite their shared journey, begin to quarrel over the Ultra Element's ownership. The resulting division gives rise to clans—gems, "natures," and metals—each rallying behind one of the three leaders. The dinosaurs bear witness to the leaders agreeing to a duel, with the victors claiming the Ultra Element's power. However, they soon realize that their new bodies are virtually indestructible, impervious even to the sharpest of weapons.

Left with no other choice, the leaders settle on an alternative form of competition. Each clan must construct their own race vehicles, which they will use to compete in a grand championship. The clan that triumphs in the most races will secure ownership of the Ultra Element, harnessing its power for their own purposes.

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