The Dinodash marketplace will enable the trading of items and skins in the form of NFTs. This marketplace will continually grow and evolve, just like every aspect of the DinoDash™ project.

Marketplace Developments:

At DinoDash™, we maintain a strong commitment to excellence and attention to detail in every aspect of our design, including the marketplace. Our unwavering dedication to quality ensures that everything we do is of the highest standard, providing a superior user experience for all participants.

PHASE 1: Alpha Phase

During the Alpha Phase, the DinoDash Marketplace will primarily focus on trading collection-specific NFTs and assets from our project. Throughout this phase, we will continuously refine the user interface, reorganize the website, and address any issues that may arise before expanding to onboard other projects. NFT rentals for our own NFTs will also be incorporated into this phase of the plan.

PHASE 2: Beta Phase

In the Beta Phase, the DinoDash Marketplace will begin onboarding other NFT-based gaming projects. A review process will be in place for projects to join our Marketplace, and they will be onboarded at our discretion. This is to ensure that the projects on our marketplace are organized and maintain the highest quality standards. While our UI will be close to optimal at this stage, we will continue making adjustments to provide the best possible user experience.

PHASE 3: Public Release

During the Public Release phase, we will onboard almost all heavy utility and gaming-based NFT projects. We will further refine the UI, add organizational tools, and incorporate daily volume rankings for trading within our marketplace. We will progressively introduce Polygon and other crypto payments, while still offering benefits to those who continue using our Dinodash Token. This expansion aims to broaden the Marketplace's reach. In this phase, we also plan to introduce our NFT rental mechanism for use by other projects.

PHASE 4: The future

The growth of our marketplace won't stop at Phase 3; we have ambitious plans for continued expansion. This includes exploring multi-chain interoperability, expanding into new categories of NFTs, and even introducing the sale of real-world items. There is no limit to what we can achieve, and we remain committed to constant development and improvement.


Please note that our top priority is the development of the game itself, and the ideas proposed for the marketplace may change over time as our vision evolves. While we strive to achieve these goals, it's important to understand that our primary focus remains on enhancing the DinoDash™ gaming experience.

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