Playable character

As an owner of a unique DinoDash Racer NFT, you will have the opportunity to race using your distinctive character within the game. Your NFT not only represents a one-of-a-kind racer but also serves as your in-game identity and visual representation. This sets you apart from other players, as non-holders will be equipped with a standard skin, lacking the individuality and exclusive attributes of NFT owners.

DinoDash NFTs act as your visual identity inside the game, allowing you to race and earn with these dinos. As in-game playable characters, these NFTs grant you access to the game initially, with a limited supply of DinoDash Racers available. NFTs and blockchain technology enable users to own these in-game characters as NFTs, providing proof-of-ownership and allowing gamers to easily track assets and their real-world monetary value. What sets an NFT apart from a regular in-game character is the ability to trade or sell it on multiple marketplaces.

By using your NFT as your playable character, you can showcase your personal style, stand out from the crowd, and even spark conversations with other players who may be intrigued by your racer's design. This added layer of engagement and social interaction within the DinoDash gaming community further enriches the overall gaming experience. Your visual identity will also be displayed on leaderboards, representing each account's profile picture and solidifying your unique presence within the game.

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