The DinoDash Racer NFTs offer a wealth of utilities and use cases, as we believe in utility-rich NFTs rather than mere profile pictures with no real purpose. Below, we will delve into each of these utilities in depth.

With a DinoDash NFT, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Playable Character/Game Identity - You get to race with your unique NFT in the game, while non-holders will be equipped with a standard skin.

  • NFT Rentals - Lease out your digital assets for an extended duration, in exchange for tokens.

  • In-game rewards/Airdrops - Enjoy exclusive in-game item airdrops and priority access to purchase limited edition NFT skins.

  • Participation in Tournaments - Join bi-monthly tournaments and compete for a grand prize of $15,000. All DinoDash holders get a free entry.

  • Early Access to the Marketplace with no fees - As a DinoDash NFT holder, you get early beta access to our marketplace, where you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. With the initial release of the marketplace DinoDash holders will pay 0 fees to our marketplace for a limited time!!

  • Early Access to Maps and Game Modes - Get exclusive early access to upcoming maps and game modes, giving you a competitive edge over other players.

  • Free special version of the Battle Pass - Holders are entitled to receive complimentary battle passes, which offer a tier-based reward system. While there are numerous other benefits, these represent the core utilities of our DinoDash Racer NFTs.

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