The Nature 1/1:


Tsukoshi is a natural-born leader who values integrity and honesty. He is fiercely loyal to his clan and defends them from any disgrace or disparagement, especially since the Nature Clan is often looked down upon by the other two clans. Although he possesses a gentle personality and is soft-spoken, Tsukoshi is a skilled fighter and a formidable adversary when provoked (being composed of boulders). Very few can incite his anger, except for the Gem 1/1. The two frequently clash and argue, with the Gem 1/1 usually instigating the conflict.

Nature Clan:

The Nature Clan, much like their 1/1 leader Tsukoshi, are the gentlest among the clans. They experience a profound and intense connection with natural life, including plants and trees. The clan tends to be more defensive than offensive, safeguarding nature and wildlife, as well as themselves. They lack the bravado and ego displayed by the other clans.

Why does the Nature Clan want the Ultra Element?

Tsukoshi, the Nature 1/1, believes that the Ultra Element possesses immense power that his clan can harness. He aspires to capture this power, considering it their divine reward for protecting the environment and being less egotistical than the gem clan.

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