Battle Pass

Battle Pass System

The DinoDash Battle Pass features three distinct tiers, providing various rewards and unlockables for players to enjoy. All prizes within the Battle Pass will be visible to all participants.

  1. Track Pass Holders: Players who own the Track Pass will receive a new unlockable at every level of the pass, totaling 75 unique items.

  2. NFT Holders: Those who possess an NFT will gain access to five exclusive cosmetic items available only to NFT holders. These special rewards will appear on the Battle Pass every 15 levels.

  3. Non-holders: Players without a Track Pass or NFT can still participate and collect rewards. They will have access to 15 common unlockables, spaced out every five levels.

Each Battle Pass will last for six weeks, or 42 days in total, providing ample time for players to progress through the tiers and unlock their rewards.

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