Revenue Models


It's well-known that many marketplaces have temporarily halted royalties. While solutions are being developed, we want to be transparent and demonstrate that we have a plan to generate revenue to further develop DinoDash™.

Sources of Income:

1.) Game revenue:

The DinoDash™ game serves as a revenue source for our project. With each race conducted within the game structure, a small percentage is earned by the company to support ongoing development and expansion efforts.

2.) Ads:

Ads will be integrated into brief loading screens and displayed on in-game background billboards.

3.) Sale of Cosmetics:

The sale of cosmetics is often a significant revenue source for games, as it enables players to customize their characters and express themselves more freely in-game. We'll offer a variety of customization options, including Skins, Accessories, Weapons, Vehicles, and much more. Keep an eye out for updates on this aspect of the game.

4.) Cart upgrades:

To participate in the Elite and Professional modes of DinoDash™, players must have an upgraded Vehicle capable of matching the increased speed required in these more competitive game modes. This one-time upgrade provides players who excel in the game the opportunity to earn greater rewards as they compete in these challenging modes.

5.) Sponsorships/Partnerships:

By forming strategic partnerships, we can achieve greater reach and secure funding or valuable marketing resources. This is essential for the growth of our company and serves as a potential source of revenue.

6.) Marketplace:

The Marketplace will primarily focus on facilitating the trade of collection-specific NFTs and assets, providing a platform for users to easily buy, sell, and exchange their digital goods within a game.

7.) NFT Rentals:

We will receive a modest portion of each rental transaction, and we also plan to expand this feature, allowing other games to utilize our rental mechanism. You can learn more about this in the NFT Rentals section.

8.) More developments:

Royalties, Merch, Launchpad, Blockchain service providers, and solutions. Stay tuned for updates.

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