Phase 4

Release Elite and Professional game modes:

The Elite and Professional Game modes will be released on PC, enabling more competitive racing among players and laying the groundwork for tournament structures hosted by the DinoDash™ team in the future.

Release of Mobile version with Blockchain Integration:

The full release of the Mobile version is scheduled for the fourth phase of this project. The team will continue to enhance both the Mobile and computer versions simultaneously to support cross-play entertainment. Mobile players will be able to compete with PC players and vice versa.

Add more Game Maps/Tracks:

In celebration of the Mobile version's release, several new tracks will be introduced, adding to the Dino Lore and providing a fresh, new feel to the game. Keep an eye out for updates on this aspect of the project.

Officially complete base game development:

Upon reaching this stage, the base development of the game will be complete. Despite this, it will be worth celebrating this milestone through enjoyable giveaways and events with the community.

Add Global Leaderboard:

A leaderboard will be implemented for the best players to receive rewards at the end of an elite/professional season or event. This addition aims to keep track of top players while introducing an element of incentivized competitiveness among individual players.

Add Clan Leaderboard:

A leaderboard will also be added for each clan, allowing the top-performing clans of NFTs to be rewarded at the end of a season. These clans can be found on the project's website and within its lore. Each NFT will be assigned to a clan, and the clan's ranking will be affected by the NFT's wins and losses. At the end of a season, the rankings will be tallied, and one winning clan will receive a reward from the DinoDash™ team.

1v1 Game Mode:

Introduction of the 1v1 Game Mode in both Mobile and Computer. This is a custom room or random online matchmaking to play a race versus just one other person. These races will be fewer laps and be more competitive.

HoverCar Cosmetic Upgrades:

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Implementing Anti-Botting Mechanisms:

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