Phase 5

The team is not finished with developments yet...

More improvements are on the horizon. It is important to note that these developments are not listed in a specific order and are not set in stone. This outline serves to share the vision and plans for DinoDash™ with the world.


Integration of new blockchains into the game is planned, with the aim of creating a multi-chain gaming experience. By incorporating additional blockchain technologies, the team intends to broaden the game's audience beyond just Polygon/EVM P2E gamers.

Introduce new consoles:

The team plans to make the DinoDash™ game available on new consoles, which will further expand the audience and brand, reaching new players.

New Racers:

Regardless of whether a multi-chain game is developed or not, more DinoDash racers will be needed due to the marketing plans in place to expand the game. This expansion, whether on Polygon or another blockchain, will contribute to the growth of the DinoDash™ Ecosystem.

Game Expansions:

DinoDash™ does not intend to halt development upon completing the Polygon version. Instead, the game will continue to evolve with the addition of new maps, partnerships, skins, and various other features. The team is committed to consistently implementing new ways to play and enhance the gaming experience.

New In-game items:

The introduction of new in-game items aims to make the game more entertaining. This includes the addition of new obstacles, skins, and assets as NFTs. Players will have ownership and control over everything, and the DinoDash™ team has numerous exciting themes and concepts in store for the future.

New NFT Upgrades/Evolutions:

The introduction of new upgrades and base weapons for upgrading and evolving will add more diversity to the game modes that utilize these items. The team will persistently incorporate different upgrades and evolutions while maintaining a balanced and fair playing experience for all players.

Fun Events:

The team plans to introduce fun events, including themed events, tracks, skins, community events, and more. Stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding the exciting plans in store.

More partnerships and Collaborative tracks:

The team aims to establish more partnerships with other communities, companies, and entities to bring new players into the DinoDash™ ecosystem and expand its reach.

World Championships:

Alphack Studios is planning a world championship competition for the top 1,000 DinoDash racers. Keep an eye out for more updates and information about this exciting competition in the future.

The DinoDash™ team has soo much planned for this game. We hope you join us on this journey.

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