Ultra Element

The Ultra Element

The Ultra Element descended to Earth on the very meteor that extinguished the dinosaurs. At its essence, it represents the most formidable weapon ever devised. Whoever wields the Ultra Element can manipulate the souls inhabiting various materials. It was the introduction of this enigmatic crystal to our planet that led to the dinosaurs' souls being absorbed by gems, nature, and metals, thus giving birth to their new forms. Consequently, every dinosaur is innately drawn to the mystifying power of the Ultra Element. The true origin of this crystal, however, remains a mystery. Was it the work of extraterrestrials? The answer remains elusive.

What does the Ultra Element look like?

The Ultra Element takes the form of a vast, spherical shell that perpetually oozes black liquid. Encased within this shell, the radiance of the crystal is so intense that it can cause blindness.

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